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Hi I'm Lexie. I planted my beans & here is a picture!

Its me! Cooper Vines! We planted our rattlesnake beans & took our picture!!

Our Kid Gardener Club is well underway and we are excited to have a few of our members share their pictures with us.

If your child is a member, send us a picture of their garden and a sentence or two about what they are growing.

Happy gardening to all our Kid Gardeners!

If your child missed the June 12th deadline to join the club and receive our free seed packets, you can still sign up and become a member and receive the Kid Gardener's Club newsletter. We just don't have any seed packets available at this time. 

We encourage you to start a garden with your child and participate in our newsletter activities this summer. Gardening is fun and there are so many life lessons you can learn. 

To sign up go to the Contact Us page and complete the form. That's it! 

Kid GardenerProgram