Mid March - 1st of May

Lawn Food + Iron

There is nothing more satisfying than a beautiful, weed-free lawn. For a greener, healthier lawn follow these 5 easy steps with our Do-It-Yourself lawn schedule.

The pre-emergent will prevent new seeds from germinating and reduces the amount of weeds coming up later in the season dramatically. Use on your lawn and in flowerbeds.

Weed & Feed


We also carry these Hi-Yield and ferti-lome products:

Weed Out

A great source of lawn food to create stronger and healthier lawn. The added Iron will make your grass greener.

Use the Lawn Food + Iron if there are no significant amounts of weeds. Otherwise continue Weed-Out.

3-4 times a year-

Jan, Feb, April, Aug

For Zoysia and Bermuda grasses

The plants, pottery, and gifts pictured on our site may not be available year-round due to weather conditions and supplier inventories. Please visit or call for the latest availability.

1st of April - End of May


Mid March - End of May

  • Agricultural Limestone
  • All-Purpose Fertilizer
  • Aluminum Sulfate
  • Azalea, Camellia, Gardenia, Evergreen Fertilizer
  • Blood Meal
  • Blood & Bone Meal
  • Copperas
  • Cottonseed Meal
  • Dutch Bulb Food
  • Garden Fertilizer
  • ​Horticultural Hydrated Lime​​

For more information and products from ferti-lome &

Hi-Yield visit their website here.

Lawn Care Schedule

Fall feeding is one of the most critical feeding times. A healthy and stable plant can endure the hardship of winter better than a weak plant. Winterizer builds winter hardiness, stem strength and disease resistance in lawns

A great source of lawn food to make your grass greener and healthier and the dimension will prevent new weed seeds from germinating.


Lawn Care

Holiday schedule We will be closed December 29th till January 7th. Closed Mondays January and February 

A great source of lawn food to make your grass greener and healthier and the Trimec Herbicide will kill the broadleaf weeds in your lawn

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